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Playfest '23

Our first play competition, Playfest '23 was an incredible, dynamic example of the talent we aim to support! A SOLD OUT performance, all results were determined by the audience, but all entries were enjoyed. We look forward to bringing it back for Playfest '24! 

First Place was Nearly Departed by Michael Waterson.

Second Place was tied for Match Play by Seth Freeman and Speed Dating by Carl Williams.

Third Place was tied between The Unspoken by Alan Truax and Inherit the Dumb by Carl Williams

Honorable Mentions went to Light by Barbara Blatner and Dress Blues by Donald Loftus  

The Plays Performed:

Nearly Departed, written by Michael Waterson

The Unspoken, written by Alan Truax

Inherit the Dumb, written by Carl L. Williams

Light, written by Barbara Blatner

Match Play, written by Seth Freeman

Dress Blues, written by Donald Loftus

Speed Dating, written by Curt Strickland

Budget Airlines, written by Bruce Guelden

And of course, we have to thank our tech booth manager, Jeff Westfield!

The Actors:

Carrie Collier

Kacie Devaney

Karen Devaney

Devin Revard

Athena Rink

Christopher Rink

Alan Truax

Nick Villarreal

Jennifer York

See what you missed!

Light, by Barbara Blatner
The Unspoken, by Alan Truax
Theater Marquee Lights
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