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Soapbox Stageworks

Blue Skies

About Us

About Us


Soapbox Stageworks began in Philadelphia by Karen Devaney, a playwright, performer, director and producer. She wanted to create a space for new works to evolve, grow and thrive.


Now located in the gorgeous Central Coast of California, we at Soapbox want to explore plays and  playwrights, that have diligently worked their craft and are looking to workshop their new material. Collaboration with the community along with local performers, directors, and playwrights.

The hope here at Soapbox is to grow as a local Theatre as well as expand globally to include playwrights from around the world. Karen grew up outside of Washington D.C. and was exposed to the rich texture of a multicultural upbringing. Her passion for stories in all their forms, also stems from being raised in an Irish/Italian family where storytelling was like food, both were an integral part of life. 

Karen discovered theatre in second grade, but was too shy to peel herself off the sidelines. When she returned to college, after working as a nurse with two young children in tow, her passion for live performance and the collaborative nature of page to stage was reawakened. She has been honored with The Irene Ryan award for performing, as well as audience choice awards, and currently has a screenplay that is optioned for production.


Karen is both a screen and film writer who has produced, directed and performed in a plethora of plays and is the author of children's books, novels, and been featured in anthologies of poetry. 

Her quest for Soapbox Stageworks is to establish a world class theatre here on the Peninsula. To put it on the map as a place where  audiences can experience stellar avant-garde plays that make you laugh, cry, make you think and question. To open up new worlds that audiences may have never been privy to. And of course all of this magic happens while being wildly entertained! 

                               OUR SEASON

Spring Fling One Acts - May 3rd &4th see below for Details

Women's Series- Submissions now open see below

The Porch- Opens in July 

Playfest 24-Submissions open April 15. Performances in late August/early September

Holiday Play TBD-Opens Mid November.


Spring Fling One Act Series

The results of the submissions are in! We had an overwhelming response it was a challenge to decide!

1. The Unknowns by Kacie Michelle

2. A Declaration of Independence by Dan Maurer

3.Divided Requiem  by Paul Donnely

4. Between the Wires by Adam Szudrich

5.The Mavisville March by Karen Devaney 

PERFOMANCE DATES: Friday & Saturday May 3rd and 4th at the Lighthouse Cinema & Event Center on the Enea Sister's Stage in Pacific Grove California.

Time: 7-9pm Tickets available at Eventbrite


Friday May 3

Saturday May 4


The Mavisville March by Karen Devaney- It’s the 1960’s and the women’s lib movement is in full swing. When Angela gathers a misfit group of women in the smalltown of Mavisville, PA  to organize a liberation March, they discover secrets about their shared pasts, and are undeterred by the community' lack of enthusiasm. A historic dramedy that captures the life of  women in smalltown American,  prior to the Women's Liberation movement. 

The Unknowns by Kacie Michele- Jeb and Scarlett a couple in their forties, find that living in Manhattan didn’t prevent their marriage from growing stale. When a young spunky couple, Clive and Isabel who can’t keep their hands of each other pays them an unexpected visit, barriers begin to tumble, but can they really trust each other again?

Divided Requiem by Paul Donnelly- Max and Gerald, a Gay couple who are dealing with the aftermath of their son Kyle’s suicide discover ugly truths about their marriage. Max is a list maker; Gerald is emotional and sensitive. Their contradictory grieving echoes the pain couples go through when they lose a child. Debris from the past gets dragged into full light.

A Declaration of Independence by Dan Maurer- The day before finalizing their divorce, a befuddled husband meets with his "lifestyle influencer" wife, hoping for one last chance to salvage their marriage. But he quickly finds she is crafting a "brand-boosting" divorce announcement for her online followers. How does he reconcile the person he thought he married with the woman sitting across from him now?

Between the Wires by Adam Szudrich- It’s WWII, Rosa and Leo two Jewish kids fall in love at the death camps. When they are liberated, their plan is to meet and marry. When Leo falls to show up at the designated spot, and contacts Rosa over fifty years later, can she forgive him and learn to love again?


1. LIGHT by Barbara Blatner

2.Nearly Departed by MichaelWaterson 

3.Inherit The Dumb by Carl L. Williams

4.The Unspoken by Aldo Accornero


1.Match Play by Seth Freeman

2.Budget Airlines by Bruce Guelden

3.Speed Dating  by Curt Strickland 

4. Dress Blues by Donald Loftus

         PLAYFEST 23

Soapbox Stageworks had their first ANNUAL Ten Minute Playfest at the Carl Cherry Theatre in Carmel by the Sea and had a SOLD OUT  Performance 

First Place was Nearly Departed by Michael Waterson.

Second Place was tied for Match Play by Seth Freeman and Speed Dating by Carl Williams  

Playfest 24 is underway. Submissions will open on April 15 2024

The following are a few pics as well as links to our Youtube Channel 

The Unspoken


We are gearing up for the Spring Fling One Act Plays. The performance time and place is still to be determined. AUDITIONS are January 18th at The Wave Street Studios in Monterey. 

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at


Will be accepting new submission April 15 2024! We are thrilled to host our 2nd ANNUAL honoring Ten Minute plays from playwrights around the world. Last year was a huge success and people on the peninsula are already excited for Playfest 24! There will be 8 plays chosen from a panel of Soapbox Stageworks readers, who are seasoned playwrights, performers, and directors. 

Submission Requirements:


1. Play must be no longer than 10 minutes.

2. No more than 5 characters

3. No science fiction

4. Please submit your work to soaboxstageworks@gmail

5. Submission fee of $15.00 submitted via Zelle.  



Women's Series
Plays by and about WOMEN



SUBMISSIONS for our Women's series  ARE NOW OPEN. We will be accepting shorts, and One Acts to highlight the untold tales of women; their triumphs, their suffering, the secrets. All plays must be NEW never performed before. We want diverse, unique, interesting works. 

No Musicals. Please send your work via email to

Cost: $15.00 via Zelle 

Performances are projected for July 2024 on the newly constructed Enea Sisters Stage at the Lighthouse Cinemas & Event Center in Pacific Grove, CA. 

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